Starting from the bottom up, our range of carpets are easy to clean and install, providing sound insulation and energy efficiency. Choose from Short stylish twist piles, berber loops and luxurious deep pile saxony. Transform your space with a sumptuous new carpet

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Showing 1 - 10 of 109 items
Showing 1 - 10 of 109 items


  • Carpet by Colour
    We've got a massive selection of colours to suit every palette, fromsoothing lavenders and cashmere-soft creams, to richburgundies andcool greys,we've also gotmoody blues, lush tropical greensandvibrant oranges for the more adventurous.Plus monotones and mixed coloured carpets in a variety of shades and patterns.
  • Carpet by Style
    By and large, the more luxurious the surface, the more care it will need. From shag so thick you need a stepladder, to shorter pile that's better-wearing, but not quiteas luxurious, it all comes down to personal taste and room usage.Our mostpopular styles are Twist Pile, Velvet Pile, Loop Pile, Saxony, and Patterned Carpet.