Carpet by Colour
We've got a massive selection of colours to suit every palette, fromsoothing lavenders and cashmere-soft creams, to richburgundies andcool greys,we've also gotmoody blues, lush tropical greensandvibrant oranges for the more adventurous.Plus monotones and mixed coloured carpets in a variety of shades and patterns.
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Showing 1 - 10 of 110 items
Showing 1 - 10 of 110 items


  • Beige / Cream Carpet
    If it's a neutral look you're after, check out our range of cream and beige coloured carpets. In the buff is anything but boring, and theclassics never go out of style.
  • Black Carpet
    Try a black carpet for a modernand striking statement. Perfect for a more minimalistic space, black add a bit of mystery,and isa dreamto keep clean.
  • Blue Carpet
    We're happiest when thesky is our favouritecolour blue, but we'vealso got all the other shades too, fromdelicate baby blue to midnight and navy.
  • Brown Carpet
    If it's a rusticfeel you're going for,you're all set with our wide selection. With softfawn,warmtan, or deep chocolate brown, we have the lot.
  • Green Carpet
    Bring the outdoors in, with a brilliantgreen carpet. A popular choicewhich works well withmost contemporaryspaces, making it the ideal colour for many homes.
  • Grey Carpet
    In the war between black and white, grey has alwayssat on the fence.Now one of the most trendy colours on Pantone's fall 2015 list, this is greys time to shine.
  • Mixed Carpet
    Perfect for high traction areas, combining a variety of colour to give your floor added depth, with a mixed carpet, we've got you covered.
  • Orange Carpet
    Radiatingthe warmth of summer all year round, orangecombines the energyof red with the vibrancyof yellow.This is a colourto cheer upany room.
  • Purple / Pink Carpet
    The colour purple is often associated with royalty,with jewel tones like amethyst and purple sapphire. Pink, oncea colour used exclusively for boys,is now seen asasofter, more feminine choice.
  • Red Carpet
    Red is assertive, daring,and dynamic. The colour of passion, from the boudoir to a film premier, the perfect shade of red is just a click away.
  • White Carpet
    The colour of freshly-fallen snow, nothing says clean like the colour white.White adds a crisp, unfussy air of simplestyleand leaves a blank canvas for a bolder colour scheme.