Imagine, coming home at the end of the week and not having to cut the lawn, and coming out of the house every morning to be greeted by a perfectly trimmed, area of green grass!

If you're the kind of person that likes things to be neat and tidy through every season of the year, artificial grass is for you.

Not to mention; no more muddy footprints, or bare patches that just won't go away and no more holes in the grass your dog has decided you need.

You can have a lawn that looks amazingly realistic, or go for a 'Hollywood lush' green, or something that looks as smooth as a putting green.

Whatever your need, here are the advantages to having artificial grass.

Low Maintenance

Say goodbye to lawnmowers, trimming and weeding – artificial grass doesn't need any of it – great for those who want to spend their weekends in the garden lying in the sun, instead of on their knees digging up weeds.

Artificial grass is ideal for replacing those small areas of grass, where navigating a lawn mower around is too much hassle.

All they'll need is a sweep with a hard brush, and sometimes even a whizz round with the hoover! It may feel strange to begin with, and the neighbours will probably feel a bit confused, but you'll save loads of time.

Pet Friendly

Most artificial grass is suitable for pets and many pet owners love its non-messy properties. No more muddy paws to clean up! No more anger about dog dug holes and it is easy scooped (if you know what we mean).

Best of all, bathing your pets will also become less of an occurrence – they'll love you for that, and so will your sparkling bathtub!

Kind To The Environment

Having artificial grass means you can throw away fertilisers, weed killers and pesticides, which is equally as forgiving on the environment as well as your wallet. Not to mention, these chemicals can be harmful to your family and pets – another reason to banish them from the garden.

Realistic Looks

Just because it's fake, doesn't mean it has to look it! Obviously, the more you pay for your new lawn, the more realistic it will seem. Dearer lawns last longer, as the yarn shapes, pile weight and length are of a higher quality. So it's worth the investment, especially as they have a longer guarantee, some up to nine years. The type you buy comes down to where you install it.

Easy Installation

Most artificial grass can be applied on top of your old lawn or on any hard surface if it has good drainage. Some are so easy to install, you can do it yourself!

Having an expert installing your grass for you means you don't need to stress – knowing your perfect new lawn is in the hands of a professional, a finished in as little as a day – depending on the size and complexity of the area you wish to cover.

A perfectly installed artificial lawn should be flat, with no bubbles, folds or ripples.

Picking your Lawn

So you've decided that you could benefit from artificial grass, that's great! Now's the tricky part, how do you choose the right lawn? KneeKicker have lots of choices available – for amazing prices.

It all depends on how much use the grass will get, who will see it and the area you want to cover.

We recommend laying your samples on your original lawn, preferably by a fence or wall, and take a step back to see what's best. Try them in sunlight and shadows, as some artificial grasses have a plastic shine which can be unattractive to some. If you have pets, see how they react to the texture and scent of them.

Don't forget to pick them up after you're finished. One customer forgot about their samples and their dog decided to give them a good chew!

The team at KneeKicker are always here to give you advice and guide you through this process, call us on 02380 334555, send us an email or use the form provided