Whether you've gone for vinyl or carpet, we've got all the accessories to finish that flooring project right here. With everything from knee kickers to grippers at great value, our complete collection of accessories will ensure that you see the job through from start to finish.
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Showing 1 - 10 of 45 items
Showing 1 - 10 of 45 items


  • Adhesives
    High quality, environmentally friendly, and easy to use. With our wide range of high performance flooring adhesives you'll find the perfect productin a flash.
  • Beading
    As essentials go, beading is a laminate floors best friend, coveringthe expansion gap around skirting board for a clean finish.
  • Chip Repair Kits
    Save time and money and repair small nicks and chips yourself.
  • Cleaning Products
    Keep your investment looking its best, from vinylpolish and laminate floor wipes to make your surfaces sparkle, to carpet stain remover for all of life's little messes.
  • Door Bars / Thresholds
    A door bargives a clean look for transitioningbetweenroomswith different types of flooring, and are available in different colours and sizes to suit your decor.
  • Felt Pads (for...
    Protect your laminate, ceramic, vinyl or hardwood floorwhile looking after your valuable furniture. Just peel and stick, it couldn't be easier.
  • Grippers
    Golden, Tackfast and Regular Gripper manufactured right here in the UK, we have a extensive array of carpet gripper for any type of installation.
  • Knee Kickers
    If you're laying your own carpet, you need all the equipment for the job, and one handy tool you'll definitely need is a knee kicker. Used to lay down carpet in both large and small areas, they make installing your own floor a breeze.
  • Kneepads
    We know that constantly kneeling on cold, hard surfaces can dampen a budding DIYers spirit, so we've got really comfortable and hard-wearing knee pads to support you all the way.
  • Pipe Covers
    Pipe covers in a full range of colours to match any kind of floors.
  • Refinishing Products
    Spruce up your space and restore your floor with our range of refinishing products, an inexpensive way to look after your investment.
  • Rug Grips / Anti-slip
    Keep your rug or runner it its place, with an anti-slip rug grip. For added peace of mind, our rugs grips will prevent slipping and sliding on all types of floors, and help prevent ridging .
  • Sealants
    Flexible and water resistant sealant to fill the gaps around wood or laminate flooring. Resistant to mould and household cleaners.
  • Stain Removers
    Don't put up with an unsightly stain on your carpet or rug. With our ready to use, fast and efficient stain removers the most tricky stains with be gone in seconds.
  • Staples & Tacks
    If hiring a carpetfitter isn't your style, staple gunsand hand tackers make short work of big tasks.
  • Tape Measures
    Heavy duty measuring tapes with both Metric and Imperial measurments,
  • Tapes & Glues
    Carpet installation glue
  • Tools & Knives
    Innovative,professional,and easy to use flooring tools and blades for complete satisfaction.